General Counsel Services | Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Law | Digital Media, Technology & Privacy Law. Generally, our clients include mid-sized and larger businesses, but on the occasional engagement will include small businesses which meet a minimum income threshold that makes our services beneficial.

Cutter Law provides high-quality, cost-effective legal services and compliance consulting to help e-commerce and interactive media companies build, protect, and grow their businesses. One of the important and all too often overlooked legal need of businesses is to understand the impact of their legal decisions on cash-flow.

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For those businesses and individuals seeking to receive specific legal guidance regarding corporation law scenarios, real estate and foreclosure process, and more, it would be wise to seek assistance from a qualified law firm. Slade Cutter is such a law firm that can be relied upon in times of urgent business legal needs.

For those entrepreneurs, seasoned CEO’s, and other business people who have questions about the law, you can rely on Slade Cutter Law firm in order to decipher your next step. This is becoming more and more important in the fast-paced world of business. Additionally, when a business exposes itself to unknown risk, the great risk involved is surprisingly unknown. Some businesses are completely unaware that they are headed straight into disastrous territory but could enjoy better insights should they choose to become informed under the guidance of an experienced law firm which operates in a consultative style.

If you have an ongoing concern, and have business needs which are not being met by your current counsel, call our firm to receive a presentation that wows you beyond your current scenario and scope of legal choices.