“Slade knows how to apply his legal knowledge in highly pragmatic and creative ways which have helped me better protect my company and serve my team members. Slade’s responsive communication and task-centric skills make working with his law firm a true pleasure.”

- Steve Kahle, Owner, White Lion Internet Agency


“A lawyer that cares about the business and the customer? One that understands how to balance risk, not just hide from it? These skills are rare in general. In a lawyer they’re truly exceptional. Smiley Media has legal complexities far beyond a typical company of our size. Slade balances those complexities, guiding internal stakeholders and external counsel through a host of challenges. He makes this business stronger every day.”

- Scott Griffin, President, Promo Labs


“Slade brings a valuable blend of leadership and business acumen to any organization. A combination of intelligence, integrity and creativity provides a perspective from which he can execute on any directive. Firmly grounded technical expertise tempered with efficient business decision making provide a well-rounded adaptability to any corporate environment or challenge. He has an innate ability to bring focus to teams and foster corporate culture through example.”

- Jay Harry, VP Finance, Spredfast


“Slade works as hard as anyone I know to make sure he is up to date and on top of the law surrounding the issues raised in the internet advertising industry. He’s never afraid to ask the difficult questions, and make the close calls often required in our business. Definitely a rising star in the industry!

- Mark Meckler, General Counsel/Chief Operating Officer, UniqueLeads.com, Inc.


“Slade is a leader in the internet marketing industry. He is a strategic thinker who anticipates market trends, competitive pressures and emerging industry regulation. His well-informed perspective lowers business risk and increases revenue for his clients. He partners successfully with all types of executives and leaders. In addition to being smart, he is just a really good person. I highly recommend Slade and look forward to working with him in the future.”

- Kerry Ridley, CEO, Momentum Leadership


“Slade is one of the best GCs I’ve ever worked with. What makes him especially unique and effective is his desire to fully understand all aspects of every situation which gives him the ability to make powerful decisions and recommendations. Slade has an astute attention to detail that carries broadly into many topics of expertise. This trait compliments his effectiveness making him a company asset well beyond his core GC responsibilities. He’s a true leader and executive that commands the respect of his peers.”

- Amos Schwartzfarb, COO and Co-Founder, mySpoonful LLC


“Put simply, Slade Cutter is who you want protecting your company from potential legal threats. As an information security specialist, my own area of expertise often crossed with Slade’s and we would often end up working long hours together in defense of our company. I found it easy to explain complex technical scenarios to him. Though he has no formal engineering/technical degrees, he has an uncanny ability to reduce a technical situation to it’s salient points, methodically revealing any legal threats.”

- Dan Muldoon, VP of Operations, Smiley Media, Inc.


“I have worked extensively with Slade over the past three years as outside counsel for Smiley Media. During this time I have had an opportunity to be exposed to his legal work and judgment, both of which I have found to be exemplary. He is invariably professional and highly insightful. I would recommend him to anyone who may have the opportunity to work with him.”

- Kavon Adli, Principal, www.TheInternetLawGroup.com


“Slade has tremendous knowledge of the interactive media industry and is very creative in fashioning solutions to problems.”

- Ed Fernandes, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP